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Re: What books can you recommend for mental healing after mc/d&c?

Everyone goes through the grieving process differently but for me, I just didn't want my babies to be forgotten about. I still cry when I think about the possibility of only my DH and I remembering we have angel babies. I just feel so strongly that they deserve to be remembered and recognized. If she's like that, offering to take her to dinner or out for coffee on her upcoming due dates or even just calling and saying you're thinking of her would mean the world. More than anything, after losing my twins, I just wanted people to acknowledge they existed. I didn't want to rush to "get over it" I wanted to cherish their lives for what they were, far to short but still very, very valid and important to me. My suggestions would be a sweet card letting her know you'll be there for her on her upcoming due dates and for the babies' angel-versaries and maybe a gift card for coffee or a small bouquet of flowers. Regardless of what you do, you're a super sweet friend for wanting to reach out and do something nice for her and I'm sure she'll be touched and very appreciative!
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