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Question What do you "expect" from a 15 month old?

Let me preface this question by saying my husband and I are both only children and therefore have no nieces or nephews and didn't grow up with younger siblings. So, babies and toddlers are kind of foriegn to us.

Anyways, we have an about-to-be 15 month old son. He is VERY head strong. He lets us know what he wants, generally by pointing or just screaming his head off. A mini-tantrum, already? Yikes. Especially if it involves food. The kid is a food-hound.

He likes to be defiant and is obsessed with trying to get over the baby gates, playing with electrical cords, knocking over the dog's water bowl, etc.

At what point is gentle discipline appropriate? How do we even do that?
Is it even worth it at this age? Also, his new thing is hitting people in face. If he gets into something I've left out, that is my fault. But hitting to us isn't really acceptable. We try to say "No, Hugs instead" but he REALLY like smacking people in the face. It's kind of horrifying. Is this normal?

I really have no idea what a 15 month old acts like.
Any input? Advice? Resources?
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