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Re: What do you "expect" from a 15 month old?

Sounds like a 15 month old! We also did redirection and mini time outs. Dh and I both decided early on what was acceptable and what wasn't. If ds was doing something dangerous (like playing with an electrical outlet- even though they had the safety plugs in them) he would get a small time out. The only time he really would throw tantrums at that age though was when he was really tired or hungry. The way I see it is I wouldn't let my 3/4/5 year old throw temper tantrums so I wanted to start young and show them that it wouldn't help them get what they wanted. You just show them in a different way than an older child kwim? And for what its worth ds does throw temper tantrums every once in awhile (he is two I would be more worried if he didn't!)but he is a lot better then a lot of kids his age.
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