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Re: What do you "expect" from a 15 month old?

Both of my children are very happy, well behaved, non-aggressive children. Perhaps it is the way I've treated them from the start, luck or a little bit of both.

At 15 months old, my son always said "please" to get something and "thank you" when it was received. If he didn't, I wouldn't give/would take away. I only did this because he was totally capable and knew what it meant. My daughter on the other hand is 19 months old and still doesn't "get" the meaning of those words.

In my opinion, your son most certainly has "normal" toddler actions. Personally, I've never had "hitters", "biters", or "scratchers" but I know many, many children that do act like that and I don't think much of it.

To "discipline" my son at that age, I would put him down, turn around and look at the ceiling until he stopped throwing his fit (he is 3.5 now and this is still effective). I would never ever care if he was throwing a temper tantrum~kids need to get out aggression and frustration too but I wouldn't tolerate him hitting me. I'm sure that would warrant a time out of sorts.

My daughter (again, she is 19 months old) hasn't reached that "stage" yet. She is fairly calm and quiet but I plan on using the same tactics on her when the time comes. Every child really is different.
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