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Littleton CO area--need a doula or someone in training

Can anyone recommend one? I am probably looking more along the lines for someone in training because I can't afford to spend a whole lot.

Here is the situation. I have never used a doula before but it looks like I may be alone for some parts of my labor. My mom recently moved out of state and we have no one really who can care for our other children while I am laboring (in a hospital). Our 10 & 8 yo will be fine but I am really concerned that our 2yo is not gonna be fine and my hubby is gonna spend all his time dealing with the 2yo...which will leave me alone. I have read that a doula might be a good idea in this situation and maybe could even take over the 2yo at times so hubby could focus on me.

So, I'd love a recommendation if you know of someone. I'm gonna ask my CNM tomorrow also but I'm due in 3 weeks so I need to move quickly on this!!
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