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Re: Question for AP moms...where do you "draw the line" or is there one?

I am also curious about how moms can apply the AP principles during the preschool years. I hear a lot about applying principles during the baby years but what about a child almost 4 as the op stated?

This mom sounds like she has changed a lot since you first knew her. However, if she is letting go of herself and her relationships, then I say you just have to let go as well. She may be fine with how things are. OR she may not be but may not be willing or able to make changes right now. It is hard to see good friendships fizzle, but people change when they have children and sometimes those changes include the priority they put on spending time with old friends.

It is unfortunate that her daughter is making other people not want to be around her and her mom. If the mom is okay with that, then other people will have to be. I have seen an ap mom with a sweet, confident kid and then I have seen an ap mom with a kid that won't go to anyone or socialize with anyone and throws huge fits in public AND at home. It is the parent's choice how they raise the child and if this little girl is a terror to everyone that knows her than there is really nothing you can do.

You can be supportive to her even though she is not interested in maintaining friendships right now. She will need that support some day even if she doesn't today.

I think this mom might just be overwhelmed or possibly might think that by neglecting herself she is being a better mom.
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