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Re: Question for AP moms...where do you "draw the line" or is there one?

Originally Posted by doodah View Post
thanks for the thoughts ladies! I tried to express what I was thinking as clearly as I could but I am sure you all understand that sometimes things don't come out quite as clear as they are meant too.

brennama-you had some really great insights although much of this seemed relavent to a baby whereas her daughter is 4. This is interesting thought though because she treats her like a baby in many ways and just never seemed to progress past the AP principles that would apply to an infant. Her daughter is still just as needy, etc. as a one year old would be.
ooopps. how did I miss the part where she is four ? While some of what I said still applies very much as explaining AP principles, I agree with you...its as though she did not progress past the principles that apply to an infant and is holding both herself & her child back. Her reasoning for that? Who knows. Maybe she's scared to let her little one grow up and just can't let go. Or (more than likely this one in my opinion) she just doesn't know how to expand those AP principles and move on to using them with an older child. It also doesn't sound like she has really researched the concept of AP'ing, but more is just doing what she *thinks* it is. In my experience, its MUCH easier to use AP principles with a baby than a toddler...they test our limits each and every day out of their own curiosity and nature and it is hard to keep patience and be consistent day in and day out, regardless of the type of parenting style you have. She does sound somewhat depressed, and perhaps its compounded by the fact that her child is so challenging. She just sounds overwhelmed and is taking the brunt of it all on you mentioned, noboby wants to watch her little one because she acts this way, but the woman sounds like she just needs a break.
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