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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

Thank you so much mama for posting this!!

Like so many other mamas on here, I didn't want to circ DS1, but this was the only issue that my DH felt strongly about, so I foolishly let it happen .

After watching the video, I cried and will feel guilty that I put my son through that for the rest of his life! I thought that there is no way, I am going to put this little boy through that!!

I then talked to DH and said I wanted him to watch a video of the procedure and he said that he didn't want to watch it, but to tell him about what happens. After I explained more, he agreed to not have this baby boy circed . I cannot wait to bring our fully intact son home in November!!

Thank you, thank you to all the mamas who have posted on here who have helped us to make this decision!
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