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Something worth mentioning to your kiddos...

I am a middle school teacher. One of the common threads through many of the school issues is that the kid felt alone.

We have been having discussions in my room for the last two days about how it feels to be sitting alone, and that other kids need to make an effort to sit with kids they see sitting lone, and invite these kids to eat lunch with them, work in their group, etc.

I am putting it to my middle schoolers this way...let's say that someone comes over and asks you if you want to play video games after school. Is that person nervous you might say no? Of course! You may put up the "I'm cool" face, but deep inside, you know you feel warm and fuzzy that someone invited you over. For heaven's sake, say yes and spend time with the person. That person now feels warm and fuzzy too.

Now imagine that you could be that person for someone else. Let's say there is a kid that you know doesn't really have a lot of people he hangs with. Make the effort to invite that kid to do something. Ask the kid to play video games. Ask the kid to meet up with you at the mall. Or come over for movie night. Whatever. Make the effort to reach out to that kid. You'll probably discover a really cool person.

We already had a policy in my room that no one sits alone for breakfast. If you see someone sitting alone, it is your job to go over and sit down next to that person. Same for group work. No one works alone. If you see someone without a partner, it is your job to invite him/her to your group. We are building on that.

As a nation, we've got to create a culture where kids are inclusive. Because, lets face it, kids who feel valued in their community grow up happier and are less likely to come back later and hurt people.

I know there are a lot of awesome moms on here. If we could get our kids to befriend some of these kids who may be a little bit socially awkward by inviting them to eat lunch together, be in their group, be their science partner, etc., we can make a positive change, and all the kids will benefit. The more kids hear it from us and are encouraged by us to make friends with those outside our comfort zone, everyone benefits.
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