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Favorite fitted for nightime diaper?

This has probably been asked a million times, sorry.
I use JUST pockets during the day with bamboo prefolds as inserts.
I use a bigger size bamboo prefold in a diaper overnight and it's usually fine, sometimes still has dry spots in the back in to morning.
Sometimes it's completely saturated in the morning. I'd rather buy like 3-4 fitted to use overnight.

I really love bamboo, I'd love to get a bamboo blend fitted.
I've been looking at the Diaper Rite bamboo fitted diapers (they look like GMD workhorse). I don't like that they have no closures though. I prefer snap closures, I don't want to snappi or pin and I hate velcro and aplix.
I've looked at the snap version of GMD workhorse but I worry about them being absorbent enough, I'd love if they had a bamboo version but they don't.
I've seen that there is a OS bamboo fitted by Imagine, I'm considering that too.
There are also co-op diapers like THX bamboo or hemp fitted.

What are your favorites? Favorite covers too?
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