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Just found out I'm pg...hashimotos and age bothering me

Hi all,
I have three dc, the youngest of which is 8yo. About five years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimotos. I have been on synthetic hormones until about three months ago. The whole time, dh and I did nothing to prevent pregnancy, but we did not conceive. I had decided it wasn't going to happen and that I would just be thankful for the three I have.

About three months ago, I had blood work done and found that my TPO was very high. I started seeing a PA who switched me to Armour. I also went on a strict Paleo diet altered for autoimmune diseases. My TPO had dropped drastically when I had it checked again a few weeks ago.

My cycles typically range anywhere from 21-28 days. I know when they are on the low end it is time to check the thyroid. My PA has allowed me to adjust my Armour according to how I feel, so when I didn't start on time this month I just assumed I had over medicated a bit. Nope, there are two pink lines on that test!

Dh and I are in shock. We weren't expecting this. I will be 40 when this baby gets here. We are ecstatic, but shocked. I am overwhelmed thinking about being pg and having a baby/toddler again. I must admit that I have been enjoying NOT having an infant/toddler, but I know that I will fall back into the routine when the time comes. I have already been feeling old lately, seeing changes in my body, skin, etc. I can't decide if being pg makes me feel younger or even older.

I am also very concerned about issues related to my Hashimotos. I am praying that this baby will "stick."
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