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Re: Thursday BSRB No Stocking Day... What to do???

Originally Posted by luvmykeikis View Post
Wait Di - Before you get off the subject, can you tell more about the baby food making.
You should get Sara to tell you more. She does more recipes than I, I think.
However, go to Awesome AWESOME site, IMO.

I do things really easily....since 9 mos, C has primarily been into self-feeding. So, I have both a blender for thin purees and then a cheap-o food chopper that I use for green beans, carrots, etc. when I can't buy fresh (especially this time of year) for many things, so I just find frozens where the only ingredient is the veggie. (no salt.) Then, I just blend it up well in the chopper (or blender..I have one of those, too) and freeze into cubes. One-two cubes = a meal. I mix veggies with things like pastina or cut-up pasta, etc. Meat, I'll just cook a couple of tiny turkey burgers (thanks, sara for that tip) and break one up really small for C for dinner and freeze the other. Chicken--bake a few thin cutlets, freeze, and break off a piece for dinner..defrost. Rice--I'll cook a cup and mix with turkey burgers, too. You can do so much with rice it's ridiculous. 1 cup of brown rice makes a ton.
Honestly, it's easier for me to do it this way. I use jars on the occasion I am out (jarred easier for me to tote around) or I haven't prepared any veggies or anything beforehand, which is at least a few times a week.
Diana , SAHM to C (3.08) and wife to M

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