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got AF

we have been trying for almost 2 years now my doc said I wasn't ovulating when I went in last May for my once a year visit and strange things have started to happen this month. AF showed 4/13 then on the 28th I found a spot of blood we dtd 2 days before that for several days in a row and I have been feeling crampy on the right side only. anyone have ideas as to why this is happening? my cycles have been running 28 days since January before that I was getting way off so I took some BC pills that I had left over for 2 months and that got me back on track. Back in 2003 with my last kiddo I think I felt the same way but not sure when the crampiness started I took a test when I was 2 weeks late with him and it was + but I thought it was a tubal because of the pain on 1 side it was the right side back then too

On to the next month!
We DoTerra essential oils

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