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Re: Glucose test flunkies

Originally Posted by songbird516 View Post
If you've never failed the one hour test, but still had it, how would you recommend that other moms get tested for it? I wish that there were better protocols for testing sugar levels (one sugary beverage maybe after fasting, maybe not doesn't seem to be too reliable), and better advice for avoiding it and managing it.
I've never failed it either, but was diagnosed last pregnancy. I did the home testing after i refused the OGTT last pregnancy. The equipment can be expensive and every patient would have to be trained how to use the equipment properly and safely. B/C of those reasons, it's more feasible to give the GTT in office and go from there. It will weed out most people, some will need to retest, and some may get skipped. It's one screening tool out of a many (larger weight gain in short time- i gained 10lbs in 1 month, spilling sugars into urine, low/high fluid levels, etc)

Originally Posted by songbird516 View Post
that's interesting- why did they test you so early in pregnancy to begin with? I definitely wouldn't want to be drinking that crap with severe MS! If your sugar levels have been good at home it seems reasonable that you don't really have GDM.
she's in my DDC and i'm pretty sure she tested so early b/c she has a strong family history of diabetes, having a sister that was recently diagnosed
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