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Re: Glucose test flunkies

Originally Posted by me_just_me View Post
I just barely passed with my first baby, so they had me do the 1 hour again. That one I failed by one point. I did the 3 hour and passed all but the 2 hour draw - it was 2 points over. I was considered a glucose intolerant.

Baby #2, I passed
Baby #3 (still pregnant) I failed the 1 hour with a 208!!! This was a 12 weeks along. I went to go do the 3 hour but failed the fasting by one point so they didn't have me do the rest (drink the glucose). They just diagnosed me with GD from that.

I accepted that, but now I'm wondering if I really have it. I think my first test was off because of severe morning sickness. I was hardly eating or keeping liquids down. I had just gone in a few weeks before for IV fluids. I think the test was skewed from what is called "starvation diabetes" All my at home numbers have been good, so I'm going to talk to my OB about it at my next appointment.
I had a similar experience, Mama. I failed the first test by 5 points. Then had a bad reaction to the GTT--felt sick that morning, fasted for 14 hrs. My fasting was 70, BUT then my numbers kept going up--170, 176, 201. A month of home monitoring and my fastings have stayed in the low 70s and my postprandial numbers are rarely over 100.

They took blood and did a Hemoglobin A1c Test on me. My result came back at 4.9% which REALLY solidified it in my mind that I do not have GD. I wish they would give this test to everyone to assess risk BEFORE administering the glucose tests.

I've lost a pound in the past month, which isn't terrible, but now OB is worried baby is measuring 2 weeks small. I'm going to be PISSED if my baby is underweight because of altering my diet.
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