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Originally Posted by SomeThing
Seems like LO isn't consistent. Today I was gone for 3.5 hrs, and LO consumed 2 bottles of 5oz each. But yesterday it was only 1 bottle in 4 hrs.

Luckily, as several of you have pointed out it's easy enough to thaw milk in the bags.

Actually imo he was grossly overfed. That's a massive amount of milk for a breastfed baby. Especially in the time frame given. The tummy is the size of the child fist. Imagine how grossly stretched it would have to become to accommodate that milk? And if done consistently then, baby 'needs' that amount to be full. Much like overeaters train their stomach to tolerate extreme stretching.

Bottles shouldn't exceed 4 ounces. And I would suggest other means of comforting than just feeding. The bottle force feeds. Literally forcing milk down the throat with each suck. It's important to stop feeding and try other means of soothing. Swaddling, rocking, pacifier, ect. At that rate, your milk supply most likely will not, and can not meet the demand as it is not a normal demand that he would have made at the breast. If you have over supply, you might sustain, but most likely not.

You and your care provider should spend time on to research bottle feeding. Breastfed babies rarely consume 10 ounces in 8-10 HOURS.
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