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Re: How long was the labor with your second lo?

I count my labors starting from my water breaking, because FOR ME that's the start of labor. I have a few contractions, then my water breaks, and a few hours later labor starts.

So approximately:.
DS1: 9 1/2 hrs
DS2: 9 hrs
DS3: 6hrs 15 minutes
DD: 14 1/2 hrs

DS1 was induced due to high blood pressure. I had pitocin and an epidural.

DS2 I went into labor naturally. I needed just a little bit of pitocin, which led me to choose to get the epidural.

DS3 was completely natural. I had a small dose of pain killer (Nubain, I think it was called?)

DD I went into labor naturally but wasn't progressing. She was too high up and not descending, so I wasn't dilating or having contractions. I got an epidural and pitocin (at my own request) and BOOM things started happening and she was born just a few hours later after just a few pushes.

God bless!
God bless!
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