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Re: Anyone else have stink issues w/synthetics only?

For some reason that only happens to us with synthetic clothing. Every pair of fleece jammies I ever bought for the kids would end up stinking after awhile and I had a t-shirt that was a 50/50 poly/cotton blend and I left it in the hamper sitting on a wet towel for too long and it stunk so bad that I had to throw it out.

But, for some reason my diapers that have microfleece or suedecloth in them don't smell. Probably cause I don't let my diaper laundry pile up like the clothing laundry, so they are cleaned soon after being worn unlike the clothing which sits and sits until I finally have nothing to wear.

Maybe you could try a wet pail instead of a dry pail? That might help. If all else fails, it probably won't hurt to use a little bleach on them just one time. As a last resort I'd consider it but then rinse them like crazy.
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