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Re: Anyone else have stink issues w/synthetics only?

Originally Posted by MamaMer
I did. I have a Kennmore Elite HE, and it didn't matter what I used to wash, it stunk to high heaven! So I just slowly sold/traded off my pockets, and replaced them with fitteds. I like fitteds better anyways, and I kept a few pockets for my baby (ff and hh, which for some reason don't get the stink) and my 2 yo uses all pockets bcs (hopefully ) he will start potty learning soon (he is almost 3) and as he gets out of those, I will sell them off and get larger fitteds. I do use some synthetic covers, but they don't get the stink like my pockets did. My mf towel inserts got the stink too, so I can't wait to replace everything with fitteds! I never have leaks with them, my pockets would wick all the time onto ds's clothes, drove me nuts!
I'm so with you! I love fitteds...never any stinkies. My HH were fine, but even using Allens I have stinks with some of my pockets.
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