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Re: My Short list.... Tell me what you think of these names.

Well I actualy got DH to sit down and make a list last night. Of all his names I only like one and it does happen to be his favorite.
He likes Carissa, I think I am okay with it but I LOVE Mallory. But I also don't want to be such a snot that I get to pick all the names. I named our ds and DH just happend to love it as much as I did.
I think I am still going to work on the name Mallory and maybe not have anything set in stone until she is born.

Lena is actualy DH's least favorite of my list so unfortunitly that isn't an option. And the middle name has to be either Dorothy or Joyce. Yes, I know not much to go on but Dorothy Joyce was DH's mothers name and she has passed and we would love to honour her if we could.

So either
Carissa Dorothy or
Mallory Joyce

if only I could always get my why *sigh* twins would be nice in this situation lol.
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