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Re: Advice please! Adopted dog is aggressive toward kids

She is stiff when the kids are close to her? How is her tail wagging? Tail wagging is not always a sign of happiness for a dog. You said she growled when the kids got close to her when she is chewing her bone or just on the mat near her crate? I'm trying to get an idea of what exactly is going on with this dog and if the situation can be salvaged safely without major intervention. If you really want to make this work my first suggestion is to get a good book on canine behavior and body language. Most people simply can not read a dog and that is where they go wrong. It is possible for you to learn how to read her and then how to train her to make her a happy, healthy member of your family. She is young and it sounds more like she is just nervous and poorly socialized, not really aggressive. The question is if you can do that and keep your kids safe or if it would be better to return her and attempt adopting a dog that would be a better fit for your family. Either way learning about canine behavior and training can only help.
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