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Re: Anyone get the 'clunk' or 'pop' in the pelvis?

how far along are you?

I have crappy pelvic joints, thanks to lousy genes.

So when I get pregnant, and when I start to get bigger, around 3rd trimester, I'm a-poppin' and a-clickin' all over the place from my pelvis.

For me, it's the joints trying to bear the added weight. Esp the pubic symphysis (did I spell that right?), it is right in the center of your pubic bone, and when that puppy POPS, look out!!! Owwwwieeeee! I've had that happen a few times towards the end of each pregnancy.

I think the pop you are describing leading to your labor before was likely a high break in your bag of waters. I say that b/c that is how my first labor started. The leak was so slow, there was no gushing at all, and my labor started afterward. But there was definitely a very very very DISTINCT "POP!"
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