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Re: Anyone get the 'clunk' or 'pop' in the pelvis?

Originally Posted by mammacandoit View Post
I'm 38w2d. It was more of a clunk before like it was the baby clunking into my pelvis...I wonder about the waters....I didn't leak at all though.
This time it was more of a pop then clunk. the center of my pubic bone has been hurting like CRAZY, but it didn't feel like that's where it was. I felt like it was more baby?
I'd love to hear more experiences!
My waters didn't leak either. But I had a high slow leak. So slow in fact, that I had no idea it was there.

center of pubic bone = pubic symphysis. That's right where it is! I'd bet that's what you're feeling. It is pretty uncomfortable/painful. Hope you get some relief!!!
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