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Re: Teaching your kids to read

I do agree--read, read, read to them beginning when they will sit still. Go to the library and check out lots of books, go to storytimes to get them interested in book and letters and stories.

I began at about 3 w/ the ABC song, then using we went over the letter sounds. They also have some phonics games on there that begin to blend CVC words which my DD began to do herself at 3.5yrs. I also got Bob books for her and the letter "sound box" books from our library.

My DS (almost 4) is just now beginning to learn the sounds, but it's been slower going. He loves the leapfrog letter factory videos too.

One sign I've seen both my kids demonstrate which I think shows their readiness to learn the letter sounds is they began picking out letter on signs, asking me what things said, noticing brand names and things they would recognize, things like that.
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