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Re: Teaching your kids to read

I used preschool prep meet the phonics to teach letter sounds although my oldest picked up sounds on her own.

I started reading lessons with my oldest when she was 5. I started with Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons and Funnix. She got stuck in 100 Easy lessons halfway through so I tried a few other things and finally settled on Reading Bear with blend phonics readers from the Don Potter web site. She seemed to be stuck in a hump especially after a busy summer where I didn't really work with her during that time but she got through it and is now reading 1st grade books and making progress. She struggled with fluency especially. If I could go back I would have started a little earlier with her.

I did reading bear with ds who is 4 and he can read 3 letter words but not fluently yet. I am working on smoother blending with him then I will probably use AAR with him. I do the starfall learning to read stories and the free I See Sam books with him. Before we started working on blending he learned his letter sounds, the first letter sound and rhyming. He also knows some sight words.

I have done Meet the Phonics and Reading Bear with my 2 year too when she shows interest. I think she is learning from it. She can point to the correct letters when I say a sound and can do it with some cvc words too but she doesn't say them yet when I show her except once or twice.

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