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Re: Basically it's the weekend!

IDK about pan vs machine on cake pops, Janine. Yesterday I did the old-fashioned mix crumbled cake with frosting and roll into balls method. Which for the record I only recommend for failed cakes, not doing on purpose. For all the time it took, it would have been faster to bake them in pans. I do have a teacakes pan Janine that I have used with success, never thought to use them for cake pops. Hmmm. But that pan barely uses any batter, to use up a standard size cake recipe/mix you would need IMO 3 or 4 of them, even though the pan says 2.5 cup capacity.

I tell you what, the PITA about cake pops is the assembly. So apparently they won't stay on the stick unless you stick the sticks in melted chocolate or white chocolate first, so you have to do all that and let it set in the fridge first. THEN you can frost/decorate, which is a whole nuther can of worms depending on if you want them to dry upright or downward. The last dozen or so I was just rolling in colored sugar (which is easy with the old-school frosting-bound ones, because they are already sticky) because I just got tired of waiting for another step to dry.

One tip is that I ran out of lolly sticks at the end, and I just used plastic forks instead. They look just as nice IMHO as the sticks. I didn't have lolly bags either (if that matters to you), and I just cut sandwich bags at a 45 degree angle and they worked fine.
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