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Re: Favorite dog breed

Mutt. I've had a Boston Terrier, Papillon, Poodle, Beagle and mutts. The mutts were the best.

My first mutt was a Lhasa Apsa/Poodle mix. He was the ugliest dog on four legs, but he was incredibly charming and he adored me. He used to smile. It cracked me up!

Our current mutt is a German Shepherd/Chow/Akita mix. She is brilliant and obedient, remarkably good natured and the type of dog that would take a bullet for you.

Greyhounds are beautiful and graceful dogs. Most have lovely temperaments. My BFF had one and I've met a lot working for the vet. Since they're sight hounds, they will run and run, so it's essential to have a fenced yard. Retired racers have limited life experience and learning to climb stairs can turn into quite an ordeal. Their skeleton is ill adapted for sitting. They typically either stand or lay down.

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