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Re: Favorite dog breed

Originally Posted by ambieone View Post
Our favorite is boxer. We have an 11 year old boxer, she lives to please us. She is super obedient and loves to be around us. She has always been super tolerant of our kids and as babies they climbed all over her. They are full of energy as puppies but they mellow out and are awesome dogs!
Yep this! We have a boxer as well and she is the most tolerant dog I've ever been around. She is our 5th boxer, we love them! We also inherited a bullmastiff. And while I do love him, his drool is repulsive. He has to be outside when we start to get his food ready, or get a treat out, etc. His water bowl is also outside, b/c the puddle of slime around it is gross. His slime is much like slug slime, it sticks to everything and can be hard to wash off.

If I was able to embed a video, I could show you his normal eating drool. One of the girls at work didn't believe me about his drooling, so I took a video of him. It quite literally pours out of his mouth like a faucet the entire time we are making his food up.
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