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Re: The Pink Kit Birthing Method?

We got the Pink Kit.

It was useful. The video is kind of dated, so we made fun of it a LOT. But it really was helpful. It's the only birth prep we did (no class, our area was too rural) and I felt fully prepared.

LOL ... just had a silly flashback ... there's this bit where they talk about trying to direct your breath to different parts of your body, and I just don't "do" highly abstract stuff so I thought it was SO funny.

So while I was in labor, LO's Dad would say, "OK direct your breath out through your knuckles ... OK now breathe through your kneecaps!" and I would just start to crack up, which helped a lot.

But seriously, it's good stuff for the price. AMAZING anatomy lessons, that I didn't find in any other book. Some of the Dad reviews were to the effect of, it made it seem as simple as learning about plumbing ... so I finally get it now. It helps you find where your bones are, and feel how you can make them move to open stuff up, so during labor you're already prepared to make everything move along easily.
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