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How often do your babies nurse?

My DD is 7 weeks she wants to nurse every 1.5 hours and eats for 45 minutes...which means I have 45 minutes to pee and eat and take care of my toddler and sometimes that 45 is spent trying to keep her from crying... I am so close to switching to formula...DH is gone 2 weeks at a time and no help when he is here and DS1 is so naughty and getting neglected bc I am busy nursing...I can't even go anywhere cause she needs to eat by the time we get there and DS1 wont sit in the car for 45 minutes while I nurse her. She is gaining wth is going on...I really want her to have bm and the thought of not is making me depressed and DH told me how bad i am for wanting to quit and how i need to let her cry and organize my time so i can cook and clean the house..he has no idea...someone suggested pumping and feeding her bottles but i get 2 oz max a session after 20 min of pumping so i dont think that would work. I am having almost like panik attacts bc I am so stressed.
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