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Re: Picture from this morning....

Originally Posted by LilOutlaws View Post
well FWIW.. they didnt have digi when I was preg with DD but they did with DS. With him, I was getting FAINT pos on lots of tests from dollar tree to equate to frer and back.. but was really uncertain because they were SO faint. I took a digi and it said neg. Next day the pos pink dyes were darker but digi still said neg. Took digi apart and looked at the strip and it was DEFINITELY two lines and the NEXT day got positive on the digi.

They are not very sensitive, IMHO. Dollar Tree always picks up for me before anything else including equate and FRER.
The CBE Digi's are pretty darn sensitive now - Mine have picked up positive before any other test, with levels of 11 & 18 (not 25 or 50 like the tests say)!

OP, I would say To what Cheli said. Get up close to a window, make sure you've got your macro setting on, and shoot away! Make sure you're on a white background (a piece of paper or something) it helps the pink pop!
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