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We did a bradley method class with a traditional OB at a hospital. DH was 100 pct on board and in the end that made all the difference IMO.
Our Bradley class spent a good bit of time on what-ifs, like lanor doesn't progress, baby is breech, csection, etc. turns out my water broke at the OB's (so no fibbing the timeline), labor did not progress, and we KNEW we were an hour or so away from a csection, so DH and I discussed and said, bring on the Pitocin!!
Oh my. Labor started with a vengeance. I literally went somewhere else in my mind. However, thanks to Bradley stuff running through my mind and DH NOT pushing, honey just get the epi, we made it through and 27 hours later DD was born.
Pushing is a walk in the @$(@&& park after contractions with Pitocin :-) and my physical recovery was lightning fast. We had a birth plan that i would describe as natural but flexible/realistic. My no 1 tip is to have your birth partner 100 pct on board. 2nd is to have an L&D nurse who is on board as well. I wish we had spoken up after a shift change brought us a non-helpful nurse. I would not change a thing (within our control) except I wish we had spoken up.
ETA PPs comment about relaxing. At a certain point I was physically unable to relax as the Pit was seriously in control :-(. I concentrated on alternately relaxing single parts of my body - for one contraction I would try to relax my upper body and let my lower tense up. Another I would try to relax just my face, or feet, or whatever. It was literally as much as I could handle but gave me something to focus on.
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