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Flip trainer ?s

Will Flip Trainers fit my 30", 21lb, 16 month DD? She wears size 12 month pants in Carters (18m will probably stay up with minimal pulling up) & 12-18 month in Gymboree (both with Gerber trainers).

What stage of PTing are Flips best for (beginner with big accidents, medium accidents, or just a tiny trickle)? I'm ok with pants getting wet if a large accident happens I just don't want a puddle on the floor at public locations & need something waterproof when we first transition at DC.

Any other suggestions are welcome but I am looking for something that can arrive quickly (no customs) & isn't too expensive. I have a pair of Blueberry trainers OTW to try as I've heard good things but they are on the expensive side for me at $15.95/pair.
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