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Re: Giving it another go after failing last time around.

Originally Posted by Belbaby3728 View Post
Agree- but I am not a red head. Also avoid hospital LC- I personally think they are quacks. Mine brought me a shield when my dd was less than a day old instead of helping us with latch because she was 35 weeks and not "big enough".
Set short goals, maybe 2 weeks, then 6 weeks, then 3 months and so on may help.
Is the "not big enough" thing just totally false? They suggested that was part of our problem as well and they said the same thing to my sister and her premie. Also, the short goals thing is really simple but good to keep in mind. That mindset has helped me with a lot of goals over the years.

Originally Posted by UVASahm View Post
1.) even if your baby loses "too much weight" in the hospital do not let them introduce formula. This was my biggest mistake. I don't know if I will be successful in saying no this time because it is really hard to have a newbie on your boob 24/7.
What do they consider too much weight? I hadn't heard of this. For us it was because he was 6 weeks and still under birth weight. I mean, really obviously not getting nourished. Our ped was really great and supportive of BFing but at that point he said "we have to give him something now, or it could start to hurt him" and I think I really believe he was right.
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