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Re: expired test?

Originally Posted by Mommy2TwoGirls View Post
So I told him if I did the abortion that I would be leaving him. He had already called an abortion clinic and since we didn't know how far we were they wanted an ultrasound (which I was opposed to - an abortion is bad, then seeing him/her first would have killed me). We ended up having a very long in depth (emotional) conversation. Needless to say - WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!! I will be getting my tubes tied after this, though.

Of topic question - I'm now having Sharp shooting pains, not major pain but enough that I am fully aware - from what I remember with my last, this is normal? It just started. I know the last 24 hours have been way past stressful.
I'm so glad you're both agreed to keeping the baby. I hope his attitude improves and he stops blaming you/the baby. It takes two after all! I'm also glad you're planning on permanent birth control. What a stressful situation.
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