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Originally Posted by Lousli
My daughter is small for 19 months, but she is still fitting into many 12 month outfits, depending on how big a cloth diaper booty she has. Dresses are the easiest though, the 12 month ones still fit very well! I think there is a good chance the dresses will fit in spring/summer. If I'm figuring this out right, she will just be 12 months at the beginning of summer?
Her birthday is July 28 hopefully they will still fit. It's right on the. Cusp I suppose. So far she is 95% height but only 75% weight. Fluffy butt causes pants issues of course lol. I have a pair of project pamona pants on the way to help with that. Old navy knits fit really well too.

This thread is helping me see that there is a lot of forgiveness in girls dresses

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