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silas's entrance into the world!

i went to my appt. on tuesday, april 30th, fully anticipating no cervical changes. i had myself prepared. when the doctor said i went from a fingertip to 3cm in a week, i was ecstatic. i was going to get the induction that i wanted, to prevent from having a huge, monstrous baby, or c-section.

as soon as my appt. ended, i was having ctx every 10 minutes. this lasted the majority of the day, into the evening. wednesday morning, i was awoken to a very painful intense contraction at 3:39am. i knew this was it. i also knew that i really needed to start paying attention so that i would know when to go to the hospital. i was supposed to be induced (via pitocin) thursday morning at 5am. that wouldn't happen.

wednesday evening i started having intense contractions at about 6:30 that were close together, but not consistent enough for me to go to the hospital. me and jason decided to go to his aunt's house, and boy was that a mistake. as soon as we were in the car, my ctx were 3-4 minutes apart and extremely painful. we were going to stay at her house, but i told jason that it wasn't a good idea. we needed to go to the hospital. ctx stayed consistent and close together for about an hour and a half. at 9:00pm i was admitted into L&D. i was at 5cm.

i was checked at 9:45, and i was 7cm. labor was extremely intense, and i was having back labor, which made it worse. i had told myself from the beginning of the start of labor that i didn't want an epidural. i wanted to do this natural. this is our last child, and i want to feel it. i want to remember it. i want to allow my body to do what it was meant to do, and bring my son into this world as naturally, and as peacefully as possible.

the anesthesiologist came in. i will say, it took everything in me to turn him down and tell him no. even with jason saying "are you sure?" i knew that this was what i wanted. at around 10:15, ctx VERY quickly became the worst i've ever felt during labor. i knew i was in transition, and i knew it would be over soon. i was deep moaning through ctx and rocking back and forth. at 10:40, i felt the urge to push... i had a cervical lip left, and the nurse moved it out of the way.

i pushed for less than 5 minutes, and after 1 hour and 59 minutes of labor (in the hospital), at 10:47pm, silas alan was born, weighing 9 lbs 10 ounces, and 19 1/2 inches long. he was born at exactly 39 weeks, with no pitocin, and no epidural.

he also had a knot in his cord, and he was born with the cord on top of his head. if he would have "dropped" before labor, he could have compressed it, and tightened the knot. the doctor said that this could have very easily been a stillborn. if i would have gotten the epidural, it could have slowed my blood pressure enough to give him heart decels, and could have resulted in a c/s, or worse... i knew there was a reason that i didn't want the epidural, and i am glad that for the first time, with all four of my kids, i listened to my gut, and went with it.

we are both doing well. he's definitely a sweet, content, happy baby, and i am so glad, at the end of all of this, with how it all turned out.

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