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Re: I want one more!

See if you can get him to agree on talking about it in a couple years? Sometimes when it doesn't seem so in the present they're more likely to consider it. I have no idea how, but I talked DH into #4, LOL - while I'm pg with twins and VERY b*t%)y. If I could tell you how I did it, I would, LOL. I mostly think he just wanted more boys, LOL. I guess if you start arguing about it again, just say "You know what? Just promise me you'll think about it and we can talk about it in a year or two?" I generally like to add in something that makes them feel guilty, LOL, but that's just me. I guess maybe if you can get yourself towards that goal of a 3 bedroom and make it seem more plausible for him then it would help a little.
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