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Re: I want one more!

DH says he's done too but I still want more (actually I want to get this one out right now...but I'm pretty sure in a few months I'll want more! ) Luckily, dh is a wimp and I know he won't go for the big snip so I've got time to work on him. If he's not trying to do something permanent right now, and you're thinking about a couple of years down the road, maybe you should just back off and let it go for now. In a year or so when you're ready to TTC again, then you can see where you are in your life and bring it up. I don't know if you're religious at all but maybe you can make the argument to don't try and don't prevent and just turn it over to a higher power. Whatever is meant to happen will happen. Good luck...I know it's rough when you have different ideas about the future!
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