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Re: I want one more!

You can see in my siggy that I love kids and having a large family. I will argue and argue that it costs alot to raise a large family. It doesn't. However.....I cook from hamburger spaghetti O' That would get expensive. None of my children want for anything. They get mostly what they want, not everything, but they are not greedy. We are expecting #8 right now. We have also adopted. Hubby would let me have more after this one if I wanted, but I "think" this may be it. My kids want 12...."cheaper by the dozen" and it wouldn't bother me at all. We do have the room, it is just I seem to get sickier with each one and I will be turning 33 right after this baby is born. Hubby will be turning 36. He also doesn't want any more after he hits forty either. I am praying I am having twins this time, that will make it easier for me to officially say this is the It is a hard decision to say I am done. I like Kim's way of let's talk about it in a year or two. That way he doesn't feel so pressured. I hope he comes around for ya.....I won't tell you what I would do if my hubby would have told me I couldn't have more! If he would have suggested b.c......let's just say he would have thought I was on isnt 100% reliable... I know that is bad...but thats what I would have done. Good luck!!
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