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Re: I want one more!

Originally Posted by CheaperByTheDozen
I just can not understand why dh's do not want more.. I mean... money wise... if you cd and ebf what is the cost until they are older???? And who does most of the work? MOM! Not dad... DH wanted only 2... we had 2... he says ok 4... after 3... I am done... then... well he wants a dozen now. LOL! Honestly what helped it along is dh made me a deal. I ONLY want more if I come home and you are not complaining about how naughty they are. So I did better. I never whined to him about the kids... I am slipping though... oops. I need to stop that. My kids are not that bad... but there are days!!!!!!!

lol, too funny! So how many do you have now? I agree they don't cost that much more. Once you buy everything for one you might as well use it!!!
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