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How do you Survive in Same town as Parents/In Laws?

So in April My wacko mother (I do love her) convinced DH to move to the same town as her. We've been here since May and my families life is a disaster. My 7 yr old doesnt want to visit her anymore AT ALL. DH doesnt even talk to her on the phone. When she calls he either hands me the phone or doesnt pick it up at all. She has my 5 yr old DD saying she hates me and wants to live with her grandma. She put cereal in my 3 month olds (just turned yesterday) EBM bottle 2 weeks ago. And she wont stop making her opinion known. I dont know what to do.

ETA: my 7 yr old doesnt like going to her house (which is like 10 houses away) because her and her wife seem to always find a way to put him down. He was recently diagnosed with ADHD and shes tellibg him he needs to get a check because with his problem he will never learn anything or have a job :/ I never win an argument because she's "Always Right" and all its doing is making me want to move away and never look for her again. I feel I made a big mistake
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