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Originally Posted by knodceo
I live near my in laws and had many assumptions about what life would be like. It isn't like that in the least! It's now been 5 years. In the first few months and first year I spoke my peace multiple times. I let them know I was the parent and in charge. I learned to let some things go.

If this was your husbands idea then he needs to be part of the solution . You need to speak up about the things that bother you. Your job as a mom is to protect your family.

The good and the bad come in waves...we are in a slump right now...but I try hard to make sure my kids don't hear my frustrations..we moved here to be closer to grandparents...

Good luck!
He has come to the same conclusion I have. We are better off moving back to where we came from. Our relationship as a family and decisions are easier to make when neither family is directly 5 minutes away. I feel she gave DH the riot act about being able to get a better job and that is why he considered it. Now he's at a job with $1.25 less in pay and less hours, and we arent financially in a place to move until Income tax. Our lease would be up 2 months after taxes. We keep trying to stick it out and let stuff slide but its starting to affect my childrens emotional health. I just dont know what else to do.
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