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Originally Posted by crunchymom2b
She'd be in a time out and FAST. Putting down your son & the cereal thing is where I'd draw the line. I'd be blunt and tell them untilthey can respect you as parents AND respect your children they will no longer be apart of your family life. Then save save save and get the hell out of there! I'm so sorry mama. I'm not always a fan of living that close to my ILs but they're nothing like that :-(
See this is exactly how i feel. I just cant talk to her at all about it. No matter what I say she ignores me so Ive been trying to stay in my apartment as much as possible until I can move. She keeps asking why I dont come over and I keep telling her that Im busy. I lie only because theres no having a conversation with her.

So off topic but I still have some diapers and Matching Fleece shorties you made for both my sons back in 2008. I just cant seem to part with them lol
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