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Valentines Day OS Fitted Lotto - FFS

I will be shipping these in a Medium Flat Rate Box - I'm asking the winner to pay shipping of $11.30... (paypal only please!) Also asking that these not be sold when you are done using them... please FFS or donate them

I made these diapers myself with the Very Baby OS fitted diaper pattern. They are all well made, good elastic, no stains. One of them seems to have a few loose waist snaps, but you can fiddle with the settings to make it work. The diapers are designed to be worn from about 12lbs to 35lbs (they adjust with rise snaps). These were hardly used because I just don't love the fit of them on my baby!

I made these when I was pregnant so I'm sentimentally attached and really want to give them to someone who will use them...

All the diapers have a cotton interlock outer. The Ooga Boogas have two layers of cotton fleece on the inside. The Car and Ninja prints have bamboo fleece hidden layer and bamboo velour inners. You will need to add a doubler of some sort... the picture shows Thirsties Fab Doublers peeking out of some of the diapers, but I'm keeping those to use with my flats... Most doublers should work!

Please post a quick message telling me you can use them. I will draw a random post # tomorrow (Valentine's Day) after 9am.
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