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Re: Tell me how extended breastfeeding works....

Originally Posted by nicole999 View Post
I was planning on weaning my LO when I returned to work full time (he will be 11.5 months old) but now feel like I would to continue Bfing until he self weans. I need information on how other moms manage to continue BFing their toddlers when working. How does it work? Do you BF in the morning and evenings and feed solids and homo milk at day care? Do you pump while at work? Do you provide BM for your LO to drink at daycare instead of homo milk-and if so in a cup or bottle? For those of you extended BFing are you still doing night feedings past 12 months? Is your LO eating alot of solids and suplimenting with BM or the other way around?
I became a sahm when dd was 10 months old, so I didn't have to worry about working. But if I had, I would have stopped pumping for bottles while I was away after she turned 1; mostly because I just hated pumping. I would have had her drink cow's milk from a sippy while I worked and then nursed her when we were together. I nursed dd at night until she was 18 months old. And then I wanted to sleep!!!! so we night weaned. This was also the time when we stopped full time cosleeping and she began to spend the majority of the night in her room. We just started actual weaning today. Dd was still nursing a lot and supplementing with solids at 1 year. Up until about a month ago, I would say she got about half her nutrients from bf'ing and half from food. Weaning may take us a while.
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