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Re: Preschool moms

Some weeks are better than others for me. Over the summer I put together various "kits" like for sorting, patterns, counting games, file folder games, letter-specific activities (found on blogs like and, etc. I divided up the letter-specific things into folders, one for each letter. I also divided up various worksheet pages (dd loves them, so...) and other activities. For instance, I found a bunch of little things in Joann's $1 section. I also have folders for each season and for major holidays and put various corresponding activities in those, too. For things that don't fit in file folders, I have index card to represent them. At night I go through the folder and pop activities into dd's workboxes.

In the beginning, each folder/letter represented a week of activities. But as we got involved in classes at the community center and other things, that has gone out the window. Now we just work through them on our low-key days, at a comfortable pace, and finish whenever we finish. I was honestly just thinking today that I might just cut back to a few worksheets whenever she wants to "do school". I know, it's criminal. But dd really does love them. I figure the rest of our lives are enriching enough with playdough, cooking, music, play, art, art, art, field trips, friends, etc. I'm certain she is getting everything she needs. Sometimes all of my activities feel like overkill. I mean, it's just preschool. As long as she learns her letters and numbers, I think she'll be okay.

Basically, just do what you're comfortable with. It's only preschool.
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