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How Long Are Your OB Visits?

This is baby #4 and I am SO OVER OB visits. I used this office for baby #3 too, but was at a different practice in a different city with my first two. I waited until 13 weeks to go in for my first visit and I wish I had waited even longer. Of the three office visits I've had (not counting the early glucola test I had to take - bleh) the shortest one was an hour and a half and the longest was over 2 hours. 90% of the time is spent waiting. Heaven forbid I express any frustration, I get half-*** apologies and "We've had some really sick people today." Seriously, I'm not even a jerk about it, even though I'd like to be, I just want a heads up if I'm going to have a long wait time, maybe even the option to reschedule. Unfortunately I'd have to drive over 45 minutes to go to a different doctors office and, for insurance purposes, almost all the OB offices are group practices, so I doubt it would be any different. That is the downside of small town living, not a lot of choices.

So vent with me or sing your OB or Midwife praises. Let me know I'm not alone and tell me that the perfect practice exists somewhere.
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