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My Flip Daytime insert review with pics


I finally got them prepped. I washed and dried them three times. I measured them and they are now about 16.5 inches by 29.5 inches. They are very stretchy lengthwise though. edit : after being washed and dried 8 times they are now measuring at 16 x 28 inches.

Folded the long way they make a 16..5 inch pad, and folded the short way they make a 14.5 inch pad. edit: now 14 inch pad or 16 inch pad

Laid out after washing dry 3 times:

Folded the short way: 14.5 inches

Folded the long way 16.5 inches

SHort way Flip small setting:

Tucked in. (this barely works, I used a different fold for the small setting. Because these are so thin though, the bulk was minimal even tucked in or folded over.

Folded short way medium setting on Flip:

Tucked in: This works with a bit of tucking/pushing.

Flip Large setting with insert folded short way:

Tucked in: THis could work depending on how you like your flip inserts to fit. A little short when pulled up but totally doable at this length:

Flip insert folded long way with Large setting:

Tucked in: Requires a bit of pushing and making it fit:

Small setting from the side on my 9 month old: I fasten her waist loosely because she is a refluxy baby.

I hope all that helps!

They are also still SUPER soft and lay SOOOO gloriously flat.

I have one on my 9 month old right now and I will let you know how the absorbency holds up.

Eta: I also expect these to shrink up a bit more. The card I got with them recommended 5-7 washes and someone had personally underlined it!
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