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Re: Angry.. another "nursing in church" vent...

Originally Posted by delicatefade View Post
Have you ever read the Bible? Breasts are talked about in a sexual way many times in the Bible. They are also talked about for feeding babies too. You can't just ignore the sexuality of breasts. God created men with those desires and attraction to breasts. It would be just as wrong to tell them that they are not sexual.
In the Bible, breasts are mentioned in a sexual sense seven times. In the context of breastfeeding? Twenty-four times. I don't know much about hermeneutics, but I know enough to recognize that this is significant. Anytime the Bible uses a word in a specific context like this a huge majority of the time, then you can assume that is the most important and "normal" interpretation of the word. When breasts are used for breastfeeding 24 out of 31 times, it's safe to say that the Bible considers the primary use of breasts is to breastfeed, and sexuality trails behind.

I agree that you can't ignore the sexual aspect, but people need to get over themselves and start thinking of boobs more as milk bags. lol. It's all about the culture we live in, I tell ya.
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